Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Handmade Handmade

March,3rd 2010

I can't sleep last night...!! So what i feel now? SLEEPY!!hahaha
I slept @ 4.30a.m this morning and woke up @ 9.15 a.m 

I made some nails today...
first one.. Little bit disapointed with the result.. wahaha..
But it's ok.. it's my first handmade...So...I made the second nails...
I love dolly wink looks... 
I really want to make my nails like that...
So I asked nailart shop (nailpia-jogja) to paint my nails few days ago..
but.......She failed... UGH!!
I statisfied with my 2nd result.. hehe o^.^o
and the last one i made for my sister...
I love this one...Ha Ha Ha

Now i feel really tired..
So bye2... I want to take a rest.. And see you on next post...!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Tinier Me

Hey!! My Friend told me about a game...
Hmmm.. Just Small Game..
But it's quite fun!!And I love most of the items...

 This is Me : Thunderia!!
You can Decorate your own room
You can dress up with cute and cool items
You can chat with others
You can Have your own diary
You can play some games
You can walk around the town

If you interest and want to play this game too
 TELL ME!! I'll Invite You...
(Just tell me your email address)

Cuz if you invited by Others , you will get 500 coin at the begining...
But if you login by yourself you will get 300 coin Only...

Here's Some Screenshoots :

 Let's play and chat together o^.^o