Thursday, September 27, 2012


Remember my posting about kit kat??

It's gone!!! BECAUSE MY BROTHER! He accidentaly(or no) deleted my blog about kit kat! 
I tried to remember about the prices for one hour and now it's gone because my brother...!
He makes me really mad...

But forget it for a while..

I want you guys to tell me about your mind about giveaways..

What kind of stuffs do you like as giveaway?
it can be anything... Foods/Cosmetic/Books/Beauty Stuffs/others...
Just tell me and i'll think about it

Any suggestion? ? ?
Just email me or comment me...

Baby Foot Review

Today post is about FEET!!

I've ugly feet because i often walk without any sandals or shoes outdoor...
any my soles become hard and ugly like dry soil

I found a nice product that called baby foot to solve this problem.
so i bought it and try it  4 days ago...
i doubt this product will works well for me(i tried so many products&just few of them works on me!)
but this product is really good! (even for people like me.i'm too lazy to do something repeatly)


I put my feet on this plastic things(liquid inside) and Wait about 2 hours.
After 1 hour I felt a little bit uncomfortable because my feet feel hot inside this plastic socks
but I just ignored it and kept my feet in 
(you can do this things while you reading or browsing or shopping online, like i did)

I washed my feet after 2 hours


On the first day, my soles become harder and  i feel numb....

On the second day I looked onto my soles and my skin got peeled!!!
I was too excited . So,I peeled it continuously before I realized I must take some photos!!

but I took some after that.. 

I enjoyed every peeling moment  HoHoHo..
 This one looks Gross... 
My soles become new again!

My review for this product is 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loose Knit Clothing

 I love Knit Clothing, but at the same time i Hate it too!!

Why I Love it

Because it's elasticity..
I don't need to take a look on size. Sometimes it's annoying when I fall in love with some "free size" clothes,  but it doesn't fit me well! (i have problem with chest circumtance!it's annoyinggg)

It can be my saviour when I wear "ugly casual tee". I put my sweater on, then it will looks much better

Items from winkcoco on Gmarket

Items from ami on Gmarket


Why i Hate it

First problem...
If you wash it wrongly, you will have problem with "pilling" things. So, It makes the outfit looks ragged.
(The fabric become fuzzy and clumps appears)
but i have solution with this things."electric fabric shaver"

And this is my Main problem!!
My knit fabric is easily got stuck. It will look as if it's worn-out 
I dont know how to fix this things

Anyone who has the same problem like me?