Thursday, September 27, 2012


Remember my posting about kit kat??

It's gone!!! BECAUSE MY BROTHER! He accidentaly(or no) deleted my blog about kit kat! 
I tried to remember about the prices for one hour and now it's gone because my brother...!
He makes me really mad...

But forget it for a while..

I want you guys to tell me about your mind about giveaways..

What kind of stuffs do you like as giveaway?
it can be anything... Foods/Cosmetic/Books/Beauty Stuffs/others...
Just tell me and i'll think about it

Any suggestion? ? ?
Just email me or comment me...


  1. hey!
    speaking of kitkat, I'd like a bar of kitkat to be in your giveaway :D and I'd like books! LOL there are just a few bloggers who are giving away books about makeup. And beauty stuffs such like mascara, or blush on would be great too.

    aaaaaaand, BOWS! RIBBONS! all cute things like hairclips, accessories etc! >.< *noisy*

    anyway, i'm giving you an award. check it out!

    1. Heyyy..!!
      REALLY DOUBLE BIG THANKS about this awards..*LOL*

      Happy that I finally got some advice.YAYYY!!o(≧▽≦)o♪
      Because i wondered what people liked as giveaway....

      Got New List:
      -kitkat (random flavor)
      -beauty books

  2. I'd love to see a giveaway with beauty stuffs and some sweets as the prizes ^^

    1. Thanks for your suggestions...ヽ(´3`)ノ
      i'll pick some items that you guys adviced to me...hehehhe

      -kitkats (random flavor)
      -beauty books
      -beauty tools

  3. Mask !! hahahaahah masker kakk yang banyaakkk XD *pencinta mask
    atau pita yang kawaii + Eyelash XD

  4. beauty tools is fine and nice .
    but for me the important thing not use any machine for decide the winner
    just from your judge :D

  5. Uppsss i have followed you :D
    folback yahh ^^

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  7. Hmm..hae Non, salam kenal dari aku. kunjugan pertama aku nih diblog ini..follow sukses..follow blogku juga ea Non..thank's ..Salam Persahabatan..

  8. oOoO~ Super cute blog! & I request for something beauty related<3



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