Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Geo X-tra WT A-13 Green from Dreamie Chuppa

too lazy to do my assignment now  so i prefer to updating my blog...

Today, I will review my new lenses (my 1st lens review actuallySweat)
I got a FREE lens from Dreamie Chuppa....YAY!!
i bought all of my lenses from her for this 2 years..she's so kind and she will answer all my questions kindly.. 
all of her products are GREAT too

 Let's Begin..Flag

Front View

Bottom View

I usually trying hard to open my lens bottles..
And sometimes my fingers bleeding because im trying to open it

but this time... i open this lens easily!!Weather

And here's Product close up 

Some picture of me wearing this lens...


Design 9/10
I love black ring outside and big transparent circle on centre. 
Because it can makes my eyes looks "sharp"

Color 10/10
I'm addicted to green lenses!!

Enlargement 9/10
It makes my eyes look bigger

Comfort 6/10
Quite thick. Ican wear this lens for more than 6 hrs,
but after 4/5 hours my eyes feel tired

Overall : 8,5 / 10 

See you on my next post..... 

Thanks to
(click to go to dreamie chuppa's facebook page)
or take a look to her blog
Mention : Meiling Ang to get 5% discount!!


  1. Wow i love how that contact look on your eyes! Sooooo gorgeous! Love it!

    1. waa....Thank youuuuuuu... o>.<o

  2. widihhhh cantik banget say.... suka deh.
    btw pake kamera apa ?? ^^

    1. lens nya say yang cantik..hihii...
      canon eos 600D,dearrr..


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