Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Foot Review

Today post is about FEET!!

I've ugly feet because i often walk without any sandals or shoes outdoor...
any my soles become hard and ugly like dry soil

I found a nice product that called baby foot to solve this problem.
so i bought it and try it  4 days ago...
i doubt this product will works well for me(i tried so many products&just few of them works on me!)
but this product is really good! (even for people like me.i'm too lazy to do something repeatly)


I put my feet on this plastic things(liquid inside) and Wait about 2 hours.
After 1 hour I felt a little bit uncomfortable because my feet feel hot inside this plastic socks
but I just ignored it and kept my feet in 
(you can do this things while you reading or browsing or shopping online, like i did)

I washed my feet after 2 hours


On the first day, my soles become harder and  i feel numb....

On the second day I looked onto my soles and my skin got peeled!!!
I was too excited . So,I peeled it continuously before I realized I must take some photos!!

but I took some after that.. 

I enjoyed every peeling moment  HoHoHo..
 This one looks Gross... 
My soles become new again!

My review for this product is 


  1. hi angmeiling ^^.. nice post.. how do u get this plastic sock thingy? btw i am hana from nice to find ur blog

    1. hiii hanaaa ^^.. i got it from sasa in singapore...but maybe u can find similiar product at (many postive comment about this product).. ah....i found that holika2 has this kind of product too.. but i dont know it's good or no... i just follow your blog hehehhe...

  2. where did you buy it? :O
    does it hurt? or is it a stupid question? hehe
    thanx for the review :)

    1. i got it from sasa dearrr....
      wkkwkw actually it's not..hihiii cuz i wondered about "how its feel" too before use it....XD
      It doesnt hurt at all.... now I'm addicted to peel my skin every day.. LOL XD

  3. where did you get this product? this one seems so promising, I'd like to get one too!
    visit my blog kay! followed your blog anyway :)

    1. i followed your blog already.. hehe... XD
      i got it from sasa in sg dear...i found some online shop sell it...
      but maybe u can find similiar product at
      (just read and many postive comment about this product)

  4. Wow that is amazing! Yea where did u get this? I need to tell mom!
    Follow each other yuk? What do u say? :)

    1. sasa in sg dear....
      but maybe u can find this stuff at perfect beauty too..
      or you can find simliar product at (COGIT Foot Peel Pack-Speed Type)..

      wkwkwk ayuukkk.. XD
      aku udah follow sayy..

  5. i use similiar product.. tonymoly - shiny foot!
    yea.. it's feel good each time you peel it and find pinkish baby like foot underneath hard sole.. XD

    1. Whoaa.. is it good? You should review that product.. >< cuz i wanna try another similiar product.. but i haven't decide yet..*sob..

  6. woahh it looks so amazing!! I want to try it~ >_<
    btw, nice review dear! I followed your blog ^^

    1. Yeap.. you shoullddd...hehehe
      Thankss deaaarrr.. Really apreciate it >< I followed your blog too anywayy..

  7. waw! that looks hurt, but so tempting leh *Q*
    my soles are suck too, surabaya is so hot, thats why i love wash my feet, and that made it goes worst. lol
    i have to try it <3

    come and see my blog if you have time

    1. It's not hurt at all actually... Really...
      ah.. really??wash your feet often makes your soles become worst??
      i didn't know about thatt before you told me...

      You have to use this product if you have same problem as feels good.. XD~

    2. followed your blog already anywayy

  8. Nice review and love ur blog.. followed u dear.. :D <3

  9. woahhh~~ amazing!!
    ada bau2 aneh dan menyengat gak say??

    salam kenal yha ^^

    1. nggak sayy...liquidnya agak kentel gt kaya collagen...dan ga berbau menyengat sama sekali kok.. jadi amannnn deh.. XD~ wkwkwkkw

      Salam kenal jugaaaaa.. o^^o
      aku follow blog km yah sayyy.. XD

  10. Ahhh lucu nya dear... Aku jd pingin punya.. D sasa mana aja ada ya?

    1. wkwkw.. lucu apanyaa?? hihihi
      di sasa singapore say aku belinya.. tapi tadi aku liat2 di ada produk yang sejenis..
      kalo diliat dari reviewwnya kayanya ok dan lebih cepet ngelupasnyaa....merknya COGIT Foot Peel Pack-Speed Type...

      aku follow yah dearrr...

  11. Udah lama si pengen nyoba produk2 kyk gini masih ragu2..

    Nunggu sasa free shipping ahh...

    Aku follow ya..

    1. wkwkwk iyaa.. kalo pake shipping agak nyesekk.. XD~
      thank youuuu dearrrrr....
      aku follow juga yaahhh

  12. jd merah2 ga kulit kakinya habis make ini? duh, pengen nyobaaa. hehehe.

    follow each other? i've followed you. :D

    1. nggak kok dear.. aman.... ^^
      followed you alreadyy

  13. Great to see this kind of reviews too =D and it really seemes to work.

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