Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loose Knit Clothing

 I love Knit Clothing, but at the same time i Hate it too!!

Why I Love it

Because it's elasticity..
I don't need to take a look on size. Sometimes it's annoying when I fall in love with some "free size" clothes,  but it doesn't fit me well! (i have problem with chest circumtance!it's annoyinggg)

It can be my saviour when I wear "ugly casual tee". I put my sweater on, then it will looks much better

Items from winkcoco on Gmarket

Items from ami on Gmarket


Why i Hate it

First problem...
If you wash it wrongly, you will have problem with "pilling" things. So, It makes the outfit looks ragged.
(The fabric become fuzzy and clumps appears)
but i have solution with this things."electric fabric shaver"

And this is my Main problem!!
My knit fabric is easily got stuck. It will look as if it's worn-out 
I dont know how to fix this things

Anyone who has the same problem like me?


  1. Aw its unfortunate about the pilling :( Your clothes are super cute! Good choices! I like your choice of blog music by the way ^_^

  2. First your picks so beautiful in Knit Clothing. I agree with you also same problem. but i love this collection. I have share one more collection Online Cloth Shopping

  3. Hey! you looking gorgeous in Knit Clothing. I think everyone same problem in knit wear.

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  5. hai cici cara beli barang di gmarket pake paypal
    paypal harus pake creditcard ya
    selain menggunakan creditcard gimana yah?

  6. Hi nice post, very good collection of Knitted Clothing. Cool designs and shades.


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